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White Free Floral Baby Announcement Post

Mink Color Point Male

Status: Available

Breed: Cherubim Ragdoll 

Price: $1200

Deposit: $300

Parents: Shadow and Lucas  

Caregiver: Marie -Charlotte, NC

Whelp Date: 07/05/2023

Take-Home Date: 10/04/2023

Kitten Bio

Introducing Titan, a magnificent male of the same celestial lineage as Draco, Twilight, Stella, and the illustrious Outer Limits 23 Litter.

As his name suggests, he embodies the strength and grandeur of the mythical Titans, a regal presence that commands attention and admiration.


Titan's presence is a majestic tapestry woven with the threads of starlight. His fur, a cloak of cosmic elegance, drapes him in an aura of sophistication. His eyes, like deep wells of cosmic knowledge, hold the stories of the universe within their depths.


Just as a titan shapes the realms it touches, Titan's influence enriches the world around him. He's not just a feline; he's a celestial guardian, a companion with a cosmic spirit that resonates with the legacy of Outer Limits 23. Embrace the magnificence he brings, and let Titan be the regal constellation in your journey through life's boundless wonders.

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