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The Smooth Operator

Meet Lucas a Male Chocolate Mink Ragdoll.

He's a 2-year-old male with a calm, reserved, and loving personality. Hefty in size he currently weighs in at 12 pounds. If a cat could be a husband it would be him. He calms down the energy in the room. His eyes are blue, and his mink coat barely sheds or matt. Beautiful male. 

Motto: Just call me baby!

Discord: Cat + Cream and Friends

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The Kitchen Guard

Heart is a sweetheart Lilac Bi-Color Female. She is an absolute delight to have around! She has a beautiful coat of lilac and white fur that is incredibly soft to the touch.


She's quite clever, not needy but loves timed affection.

Heart has an incredibly affectionate and gentle personality, making her truly the perfect companion and a major part of our family.

One of Heart's most endearing traits is her willingness to keep you company while you are in the kitchen. Actually, she knows before you do and makes it to the kitchen before you. 

She has a unique appetite and a stomach of steel that can handle anything, which is amazing to us. 

Heart is an amazing and attentive mother to her kittens, showering them with love and constant affection. We are so lucky to have you in our cattery and in our family! 

Motto: What's Cookin!

       Discord: Cat + Cream and Friends    ||

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