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Ragdoll Cat

We are a dedicated, loving Cat Breeder with a passion for Ragdolls.
The Ragdoll Cat has a friendly and outgoing personality; they are also compatible with other household pets. 
Ragdolls have a very calm temperament which makes a wonderful lap cats.

You'll enjoy snuggling up next to this velvety kitty and listening to them purr to sleep.
The Ragdoll cat can become very attached to their owners and can even get depressed if they are left to sit in an empty house all day long. It is advisable to purchase in pairs or within a few months apart. They are playful, curious, and very affectionate. However, they value their independence and alone as well.

About us


A Loving Cattery

We are a home-based smoke-free Cattery in the beautiful Carolina's. 
All of our kittens are raised underfoot in a loving and well-socialized environment. 
We are cage-free and are in love with this rare hypoallergenic breed of blue-eyed cats.  
We offer some of the most beautiful and sought-after Traditional Ragdoll Kittens with the most loving and loyal personalities. Please read our reviews. 
We are a Licensed TICA Registered Cattery that breeds breathtaking traditional gorgeous, and stunning Ragdolls! 
We work with a wide variety of colors, including Seal Point, Blue Mink, Flame Point, Tortie, Chocolate, Lilacs, Lynx Point, Mitted Bi-Colors, and Cream Patterns.  
We strive to breed the best cats we can, educate their new owners, and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care, and attention they deserve. Contact us to find out more about our methods and philosophy.

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11035 Golf Links Dr, #78311 

Charlotte, NC 28277 

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