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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I adopt a kitten?

Adopting a kitten is a simple and straightforward experience with Cat + Cream. Get in touch with us first and specify which kitten you're looking to adopt. Check out one of our TIKTOK LIVES to get a sense of the cat's character if you're still on the fence. 


After that, we ask you and your family a few simple questions to make sure our kitten is a good fit. 

Once we've established that you're a good fit for the kitten, you can reserve it by paying a $300 deposit through our website.


When the reserved kitten reaches the age of 12 weeks, we will schedule a time to meet in person for the delivery of the kitten. The total remaining balance is due immediately. All of our kittens have been raised in our care from the moment they were born, and now they are ready to join you.


What is our process?

All of our kittens are adopted out when they are 12 weeks old or older. They are ready to eat soft, dry food and water/kitten formula once they have been weaned fully from their mothers. 


As ethical breeders, we spay or neuter every cat and kitten in our care before they are released. That can't be negotiated, sorry. In addition, we take them to the vet twice while they're in our care, once when they're 3 to 4 weeks old and again when they're 12 weeks old. 


Our kittens are also vaccinated. All necessary vaccinations, such as those against rabies and boosters, are available. Microchipping is an extra service that we provide for an additional cost. In case your new kitten ever wanders away from home, a microchip is super helpful to locate them.  Our kittens are registered with TICA.  

For the solace of everyone involved, we personally deliver each kitten to its new forever family. We have raised these kittens from birth and find for a well-adjusted kitten this process works best. 


Are Ragdolls Hypoallergenic?  

In our opinion YES! Ragdoll cats are generally medium to long hair cats. Ragdolls lack the typical undercoat that most cats have. This is what reduces the number of allergens they spread inside a home.


This makes the ragdoll breed as close to a hypoallergenic cat as possible for many cat lovers next to the Sphynx. So if you are allergic to cats we recommend you try a Ragdoll cat, many people who are can tolerate these fluff balls of fur. 

Are Ragdolls cats high-maintenance?  

The short answer is no! Ragdoll cats have the softest, silkiest fur coat of any cat breed. It has the texture and feel of rabbit fur multiplied by ten. The Ragdoll cat breed is essentially a medium-long-haired cat breed. One of their most coveted features is their luxurious Ragdoll coat. Brushing them frequently will keep their coat silky and soft. Bathing them once every three months or so.

Not so much that it dries out their skin. Most Ragdolls do not mat easily, which is another exceptional trait of the breed. You should expect some shedding from this breed although not much.

Despite their thick coats, they don't shed as much as you might think. The temperature, season, and diet all have an impact on how much weight they lose.  A proper diet is required, that of chicken, fish, egg yolks, and lots of water to remain hydrated. 

Aside from their gorgeous blue eyes and adorable fun-loving personality. They can be lonely, so it's best to buy them in pairs whenever possible, or at least a year apart. Vet checks are routine once a year but they are generally in excellent health and can live up to 25 years if taken care of properly.

What is a Ragdoll cat exactly?  

The Ragdoll may have descended from a cross between the Burmese and the Birman or the Persian cat, but the first Ragdoll was a white cat named Josephine. This is why some people refer to Ragdolls as "Josephine's daughters".


Ragdolls are a pointed cat breed (meaning they have a relatively pale body with darker markings on the face, ears, tail, or legs). Seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac are among the colors available, as are flame and three pattern variations, including tortie.

Ann Baker, an American breeder, created the Ragdoll breed in the 1960s. Their graceful disposition, idyllic temperament, and loving nature have earned them widespread renown. The original breeding stock has a characteristic of becoming completely relaxed when picked up, hence the name "Ragdoll" or "Floppy Cats".   

Ragdolls have earned the nickname "puppy-like cats" due to their friendly demeanor, eagerness to be petted, and lack of aggression toward other animals and people. 

Ragdolls are distinguishable by the upside-down V-shaped markings on their forehead, large round blue eyes, soft, thick coats, thick limbs, long tails, and soft bodies. Most often, their color rings will have three or more colors. See above as mentioned. 

Do you ship kittens?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Shipping Kittens is a practice we will NEVER adopt. It is in our opinion to be an unethical practice. We hand deliver each kitten by hand to you. We can fly internationally if needed. For details, Contact us. We can also meet you halfway if you live outside of North Carolina, within a reasonable driving distance or you can fly into Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT).

Address: 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte NC, 28208. 


We can meet you in person at the airport. Book a same-day turnaround and ask for a pet-in-cabin on your way back to your city. Ask for more details as needed don't worry we will guide you through the process. 

TIP: Scammers offer to ship kittens. Please beware! 


Additional Tip - There are many con artists out there! Here are some steps you can take to ensure the legitimacy of your transaction: Speak with the seller! Face time calls are the most convenient because you can see the seller, the kitten, and the surroundings.

Can we request a specific print? 

Indeed! Print and pattern requests are always welcome. Our breeders, on the other hand, are family members. 

Our Queens let us know when they want to mate, when they don't, and which male they prefer. 


Our Cattery follows ethical breeding principles, which is a natural process. Despite the fact that our females are frequently in heat, we do not over-breed. Our females and males are all on the premises, and we allow them to relax and enjoy life as much as we do. 


We cannot guarantee the prints in future litters because we cannot predict which female will be the best to have a litter. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


We do, however, guarantee an affectionate, playful kitty who will adore you and be your perpetual shadow, and who will love you forever if treated with the love and affection they have been created with! 


Take this as a fair warning.:) Sign up for our kitten waitlist to be notified when that print becomes available!

Can we return the kitten after it has been picked up?

Unfortunately, our Cattery does not currently have the capacity to house kittens/cats after they have left for their forever homes. We are currently putting together such arrangements. In the meantime, please keep in mind that a pet is for life and considers you to be a member of their family.


The kitten will become very attached to you and your family, so please keep this in mind before purchasing or adopting any pet. Think of things such as who will keep your cat if you go on vacation if you leave the country, or will be out of town for an extended period of time. 

Can I get a refund if I put down a deposit but then decide I don't want the kitten?

Deposits are non-refundable but transferable towards an upcoming litter.

It's inconvenient for us to reserve a kitten and then re-list that kitten. This creates an unnecessary stigma on that kitten.  Many think something is wrong with the kitten.


Once you place a deposit, the kitten is reserved for you until the final payment is made at pick-up. We will issue a refund minus processing and transaction fees if you cancel within 24 hours of placing a deposit.

Our kittens are well loved and well socialized, if you have other cats, please introduce them using the "Paws under the Door process".  Place your new cat in a room with a door, litter box, food, and water. Allow the cats to meet under the door, they will use their paws to play under the door. Give it about a week or so. Then open the door.  This step is crucial to avoid hissing and help with a smooth introduction. 

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