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With the holidays soon approaching, give a gift that will bring joy for many years to come.
The Ragdoll is the purrfect gift, and the warmth and love they provide are priceless with their soft fur and adorable meows. Who can resist?"



Draco (Solid Print ) , Titan (Mink ColorPoint),

 Steel (Solid Print), 



Electra (Mink Color Point), 

Twilight (Mink ColorPoint) 

Discover the extraordinary Cherubim a rarest breadline of  Ragdoll.
– a beautiful and enchanting breed from
the realms of the cosmos, bringing a touch of celestial charm and electrifying spark to our Cattery.

Sold Out

Welcome The Outer Limits 23 Litter

In the realm where dreams bloom true.
Where wishes weave reality, meet the Cherubim's a Ragdoll rarity, bringing dreams to life.

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