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White Free Floral Baby Announcement Poster-2.png

Status: Available 

Breed: Cherubim Ragdoll 

Price: $2000

Deposit: $300

Parents: Shadow and Lucas  

Caregiver: Marie -Charlotte, NC

Whelp Date: 07/05/2023

Take-Home Date: 10/04/2023

Kitten Bio

 Electra, a mesmerizing female Seal Point Mink from the same celestial lineage as Draco, Twilight, and Stella – an enchanting quartet from the illustrious Outer Limits 23 Litter.

Named after the stars, she promises to infuse every corner of your world with her electric charm.


Electra's coat gleams like the night sky's tapestry, a testament to the cosmic heritage she carries. Her presence exudes a sassy diva-like flair, akin to the auroras gracing the heavens. With each purr and gaze, she spins a tale of wonder, captivating the imagination with her celestial allure.


As a luminary in her own right, Electra enchants with a grace that transcends time. She embodies the very essence of the Outer Limits lineage, destined to shine as a radiant star in the constellation of your life. Welcome her into your heart and home, and let the cosmic symphony of Electra enrich your journey with its resplendent notes.

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