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Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: $1800

Deposit: $300

Parents: Olive and Braveheart

Caregiver: Marie -Charlotte, NC

Whelp Date: 04/2/2024

Take-Home Date: 6/25/2024

Kitten Bio

Introducing Butterscotch, the sweetest treat you'll ever meet! This charming and playful kitten is like a warm hug on a chilly day, with a personality as delightful as her namesake flavor. Picture cuddling up with a batch of freshly baked butterscotch chocolate chip cookies—that's the kind of warmth and comfort Butterscotch brings to your home.

With her soft, caramel-colored fur and soulful eyes, Butterscotch is a true delight to behold. Whether she's romping around in playful antics or snuggled up in your lap for a cozy nap, she'll fill your days with joy and laughter.

Don't miss out on the chance to add this sweet bundle of fluff to your family. Contact us today and let Butterscotch bring a touch of sweetness into your life!

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