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Status: Adopted

Blue Point Male 

Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: $1500

Deposit: $300

Parents: Heart Lilac Bi-Color and Lucas Chocolate Mink 

Caregiver: Marie -Charlotte, NC

Whelp Date: 07/15/2022

Take-Home Date: 10/12/2022

Kitten Bio

Archer is a traditional print Blue Point male; He has a traditional light cream color body along with his grey ears and tail, which makes him look like a fluffy little ball of heaven!

His personality is very sweet, calm temperament, and loves to give hugs and kisses.  

 Archer is best paired with Hunter, because of their outgoing adventurous personalities that bring them together.  

He is a friendly kitten, as are all of our kittens, and flops in your hands when you pick him up;

he does not use his claws, but will overload you with lots of hugs!

If you're looking for a playful yet sweetheart cuddle buddy, this is the perfect kitten for you.

Archer has a loving personality and will be absolutely stunning. He is a friendly and outgoing kitten that will be a good addition to your family, as he will get along with children and other pets!

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